I was writing sad songs in gloomy days

Yesterday was like grey skies

Never thought happy days like this

I can write thousand sad songs in tune


A day came when I cross the road of happiness

Out of reach the extravagant splendor

Vast and wonder the mystery of universe

Believe it or not I'm still in awe


I was told im not good enough
I was told i'm not worthy
Then grace surrounds me
It's overflowing endlessly

Beyond all lies 
Your mercy sustains me
So take me back
Back to your arms

Lord ive been hurt
Lord you are near
Rescue me, at the foot
of the cross God

I am loved by you
I am loved by you

Lord i've been crushed
Lord here i am
Hear the need of this heart
God i will wait

I am loved by you
I am loved by you

Capture me wrap me
With your unending grace
So take me back
Back to your arms
I have been told
then it's true that 
You graciously love me
to speak those words

Wrote by Veronica Salvino

**I am not a musician and if you have that talent i would be glad that this would come alive into a song.

Heart of Submission

( Learning from ASC Malaysia )

What is submission to you?
According to Cambridge dictionary, it is the act of allowing someone or something to have power on you.

We all know that we as a woman and as disciple are not born as submissive person. We are created uniquely and was raised up differently. We came from different backgrounds of life. Maybe some of us are having a hard time to submit to the leadership of men, to the high authorities, our boss, our parents or to submit to God’s will for us or to submit to God’s commands.

Amazingly God called us all to His throne of grace equally loved and accepted.

So why do we need to submit? Why did the characters in the bible chose to submit God’s will and commands? What is in it that God called us to submit? What is the heart of submission?

#1 Submission is ultimately about trusting God

  • I can say that i am a control freak person and i wanted to control situation because if ang uban dili kabuhat and limited, id rather do it by myself. If naay butang nga dili nako controlado i overthink too much and begins to have anxiety.
  • There’s always a reason behind unsubmissive heart and God always wanted to bring out the worst in us to refine us into Christ like. Here’s one of the underlying causes: REJECTION. Rejection creates pain, insecurity, low self esteem, pride and guilt. Sisters, may we always be reminded by heart that God values us whether we are not heard and whether people didn’t see our worth. SUBMIT TO GOD IN OUR PAIN.
  • In Proverbs 3:5-6 says “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”.
  • It’s easy to say TRUST GOD because we always hear it and though its printed in our mind, many times it’s not printed in our hearts. God uses people or situation to test our hearts in submission. TRUST WHEN HE SAYS YOU ARE VALUED AND LOVED.
  • Here’s a quote from Christine Caine “Replace what you don’t know about the future with what you do know about God” . If we take by heart the details of the character of God, it wouldn’t be so hard for us to submit and trust to the Lord of our life.
  • Through this process of pain of rejection we will continually confronted that God’s will is greater than us until we will surrender to what God’s plan for us. Which lead us to the next point. 🙂

#2 Submission is the will & command of God

  • Submission is something all Christians are called to do for the glory of God.
  • Learning submission by giving up control is soooo hard to do but we see in the life of Abigail, Isaac, Jonah, Mary and many characters in the Bible that God’s plan is better than ours. Way way better than ours.
  • Let’s go to Matthew 26:39 which says “Going a little farther, he fell with his face to the ground and prayed, “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.” “ —Christ totally submitted to God’s plan for Him and we are all the beneficiaries of that submission. Submission is the heart of Christ. Sisters, what are the things and situations that we are hesitant to submit to God? How are we in our submission today?
  • In the story of Samuel, let’s go to 1 Samuel 3:18 NLT “So Samuel told Eli everything; he didn’t hold anything back. “It is the LORD’s will,” Eli (the priest) replied. “Let him do what he thinks best.”  This is the quote of submission. God has your best interest at heart and God holds the future of your life.
  • David and Israel are the beneficiaries of Samuel’s submission. See what our submission can do? Or might do to other people.


In conclusion, Sisters let’s continue and strive to trust God regardless. Let’s have a heart submit to God’s will even to the leadership of others just to glorify God and out of a pure heart. We don’t have to be strong to be accepted by people. No one on earth can fully understand your pain, only Christ. I wanted to encourage you all as what Katy Lee shared too, not to run away but run after changes that leads to healing.  God does not require us to submit because He is a tyrant, but because He is a loving Father and He knows what is best for us. The blessings and peace that we gain from humbly surrendering and submitting ourselves to Him daily are a gift of grace that nothing in this world can compare to.

Letter to Sonder

Dear Sonder,

I wanted to share to you a beautiful story that i
experienced in hills and valleys. Here is my story.
Im living in a clouded and misty mountains
where my own beauty is never ending.
Then the skies whisper in a mellow voice,
Hey you? why are you so down?
You are looking on the other side of the mountain.
Yes, i see wonderful fields covered in blossoms.
Yes, they have this glistening lake in solemn.
But wait, are you not proud of your own fields of green?
When rain fell down, its not ugly and its not disappointing.
Rain falls down to comfort the weak living and to say its OK.
They may be covered with mist but it relaxes the soul of many.
You have these green pastures amazingly like no other.
The moment you look at the other, never forget what you’ve made for.
Sonder, i remember that mountains weren’t created accidentally they
were created for greater purpose. Purpose to look at the skies and praise,
to look at the valleys with gladness and humility.

Raging flame

I was born with wounds and scars
I was clothed with a thrown rag
I breathe with tears and fears
I carry the burden i never sow

Down upon my knees 
I call your Name
Down upon my face
tears falling

I am alone but you never hid from me
I am a mess but you clothe me in 
A disappoint but never in Your eyes
Then i ask 'Who am i then?'

Here in my feet
I saw your pain
Here in my hands
I saw your love

Darkness fail cos your powerful
Grace upon grace indeed it's true
Your faith is a raging flame
It never stops blazing

He whistles in the wind
Calling my name in gentle voice
I say what a beautiful it is
to belong in the arms of a King

Jesus, you are my King

Lawak ng aking isipan

Noong ang daigdig ko ay isang mundo na parang isang lawak ang aking nilibot
Nandyan lang ako sa aking upuan nagmamasid sa kapaligiran
Ang kwento kong ang labo ay sya paring kasing sinag ng natatanaw nya
Malawak ang aking isipan ngunit may hangganan

Binilang ko isa isa ang mga bulalakaw, planeta at tala kung saan sila papunta
Binilang ko kung ilang beses akong nadapa at nasilaw sa sinag ng araw
Binilang ko kung ilang beses akong napatulala na minsan ang ‘dati’ ay kahapon pa pala
Kung tatanungin ang kulubot kung utak kung ilang beses akong naligaw
Wala akong sagot pagkat di ko mabilang ng isa hanggang sampo

Pinagsasabay ng hangin at araw ang temperatura ng panahon
Pinagsasabay ko rin ang init ng ulo at ang pagkamuhi sa anyo
Walang araw sa paglibot ko sa kalawakan na di ako nakaranas ng hapdi
Masakit ang maiwan sa kawalan ng sariling desisyon

Nakakapagod mag-isip at huminahon sa malawak kong isipan
Nagsusulat ako sa hangin ng mga litratong nakasulat sa salamin
Nagsusulat ako sa buhangin ng mga luhang pilit pinagsasantabi
Nagsusulat ako sa papel ng mga sana at kung hindi pa

Di matanaw ng sariling mga mata ang kulay na nililikha ni bahaghari
Sa pagka’t nakasentro ang sarili sa mga bagyo ng kahapon
Ilang beses bang paiikutin ang utak sa mga itinatapong apoy at ng nakalipas
Mga paa’ng kanina pa nakatayo sa parehong lugar ay nakakaumay pala

Nakakapagod makulong sa sariling anyo at makulong sa pagsisi ng dating ako
Sarili ko, wag kang maghinayang dahil ito’y pinto para sa pagbangon
Ibangon ang sarili at iwanan ang mga sana at kung hindi pa
Nilikha ka ng araw para sa isang bukas at hindi para sa isang kahapon